Dawid Pintal, 3bo Design Group

Who am I?

Hello. In a shortcut, I am a professional experienced in many areas of graphic and advertising works. My workshop grow up from many years in Poland, where I come from. Working in the leading advertising agencies, and later as a freelancer, I mastered various techniques in the field of graphic design, animation, advertising, visualizations and web programming. In my work, I try to combine experience from many areas of advertising, marketing and specific customer needs. I help in the implementation of each vision, quickly and effectively.

I arrived to Philippines in 2018 and decided to stay here. The purpose of the trip was to settle and get married here, which took place a year later in Manila. I decided to stay and work here. My previous experience of working here at the Call Center gave me some picture of the situation and principles. Writing and speaking Polish and English, guarantee me there are practically no barriers and problems everywhere, where I am, especially in representative or training positions.


About me

Here is a short story about my beginnings, everything in short how I am on my stage today. If you need to know more, contact me, better is when we meet and talk. Messenger and any other electronic contact way is possible too. Communication and dialogue is one of my skills.

Contact Form

Contact Form

By clicking here you will go to the quick contact form. It will facilitate communication and the first contact in the area that interests you. I receive a notifications in several ways. I guarantee a quick response. There will be no robots, schemes or procedures in this. I treat each client individually, as it is with every project.

Resume CV

CV / Resume

In this section you can find any details about my person, full contacts and print form of my Resume, closed in one-page clear form. If you have any questions about this, please contact me any way, I will answer asap in few minutes up to hours. For fastest contact with me please use FB/Messenger.

Portfolio DTP

Portfolio DTP

The materials presented here show a partial of own projects and implementations, based on the specific requirements of the client, his vision and needs. Many of the materials have been made in the form of 3D visualisations in a realistic picture or animation before they were printed.

Portfolio 3D

Portfolio 3D

Many years ago I started practicing with 3D designs based on cinema 4D software. Examples showed here it's a part of all, there is many experiments and trainings. In the Philippines I already started individual project directed into tourism and regional market in province.

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

Recently, I decided to put some forms of animation and ideas on YouTube as well. By clicking here you will immediately switch to the appropriate channel enabling review of selected portfolio items.

Mobile applications

I also offer something special ... Designing and implementing applications - games dedicated to mobile devices. Usually these implementations are my own ideas, but if you have any idea for something that can be programmed in a game or application dedicated for Android, iOS or web application, I will gladly take it. The portfolio contains examples of ideas already implemented. Several others are already underway.

Pro in every field!

The software which I use long time in work and hobby is:
Graphic Design: Photoshop, Illustator, InDesign, GIMP, Inkscape,
Graphic, animations and visualisations: Cinema 4D XL
Office software: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice
Programming: Dreamweaver, Word Press

Programming can be done in multi languages with use any poprular technology: HTML/DHTML, Java, PHP and the MySQL databases. Special dedicated CMS can operate on your web site without any additional knowledge and tools from operator. Only proper Design and implementation guarantee stable and functionality without design destruction. In addition, this way gives you one more thing - full elastic to implement any other new ideas directly in code. I am always available in this case and we can expand easily your system, business and idea fast.

General team

Dawid "Orghal" Pintal
Graphic Design, Marketing, Programming, Management

Bart Sakwerda
Project Manager,
Events Coordinator

Andrzej Kieras
Contacts, Consulting and Customer Support


Alexander Nakarada
SerpentSound Studios
Sound and Music Artist